Terms and Condition of Use – Stena Mediabank

The Stena Mediabank provides images used for internal and external use and in some cases for commercial and editorial use. The Stena External Mediabank, only shows a limited content of our Mediabank. We want to provide a good user experience as well as offer photos and videos from our entire business.

To make it possible, we display images through our Mediabank with searchable metadata so that our users easily can search, compare, and utilize what suits the needs.

This Terms and Conditions of Use for the Stena Mediabank are binding for all users in the Stena AB Group. The user must at all times note that an image or other media type may be subject to alternative conditions, which are provided in conjunction with the downloading of the image. In such cases, the additional terms shall prevail over these Terms and Conditions of Use. User means the person, organisation or company that uses the image or any of the other media types (films, publications, logotypes etc). This Terms and Conditions of Use are for all media types (hereafter named image).



Stena Rederi AB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any portion of this Agreement in whole or in part, at any time. Changes in this Agreement will be effective when notice of such change is posted on the Site. Your continued use of the Site after any change to this Agreement are posted will be considered acceptance of those changes.

Terms and Conditions in brief:

• Images from the Stena Mediabank may be used free of charge by anyone in the Stena AB Group.
• The user of an image must download the image personally from the Stena Mediabank and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use. An image from the Stena Media bank may not be transferred to third parties.
• If the downloaded image are to be reused , it must be downloaded again, since new Terms and Conditions may be applicable to the image.
• In conjunction with the use of an image, the name of the photographer or producer shall be indicated as close to the images as possible.

The person, company or organisation responsible for an image from the Stena Mediabank is responsible for ensuring that the Terms and Condition of Use are complied with.


Use of images from Stena Mediabank

Images from the Stena Mediabank, unless other terms and conditions have been specified for a particular image, may be used free of charge for the purpose of promoting Stena.



The user is solely responsible for the use of downloaded image and responsible for keeping the image harmless from claims from image rightsholders due to any use which violates these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Rights, limitations and data storage

The user acquires a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use images from the Stena Mediabank. Images may not be assigned, licensed, rented or otherwise copied or distributed to third parties. The right to use the image must be exercised within six months from the downloading of the image. The user may not store and use the image for other than specific use which as contemplated at the time of downloading. In order to ensure that the image still remains available and to obtain any new Terms and Conditions of Use associated with the image, image must be downloaded from the Stena Mediabank again before it may be used.


Indication of Name

The photographer´s or producer´s name shall be indicated as close to the images as possible.


Improper use

The images may not be used in any manner which might be perceived as offensive, misleading or illegal. The images may not be used in such a manner that may offend or be defamatory to the photographer and/or people depicted in the image. The images may not be changed or distorted without permission from the photographer, except for normal editing.

The user is liable for any damage claims brought by copyright holders or people depicted in the image due to improper use.



All material in the Stena Mediabank is protected in accordance with the Copyright Act. This means that all copyrighted content such as structure, design, selection, graphics, images, as well as all code, html, JavaScript or similar is not protected and is not transferred to the user.


Personal Data

Personal data will be processed in line with Stena Rederi AB Privacy Policy subject of your consent of the Terms and Conditions of Use set out therein.

For news publishing and artistic use, the Freedom of the Press and the Law on freedom of expression applies, for all other use GDPR applies.